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September When It Comes


July 18, 2015 by Anthony Compton

About a week ago I decided to add a couple albums to my music collection. I did not listen to them or even read the track list. I just kinda said hey this artist did some other song I like I think I’ll try more. Anyway, one them was a 2003 Rosanne Cash album titled “Rules of Travel”.

As I listen to the album while driving I had to stop my truck as I listen several times to “September When It Comes”. The songs first verse had my complete attention but when I listened her father, Johnny Cash chime in with vocals on the second verse I felt it resonate through my soul. It was unexpected and also as with so many songs he sang his words spoke of the absolute truth. The truth we often miss though it’s right in front of us.

A few years ago I read that we should not fear death, it is not evil rather it’s the standard against which we measure absolute truth. I see September as Rosanne’s metaphor for death. I’ll leave my other thought on this song for later.

I share the link with you in hopes that you will be spoken to as well.


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