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October 27, 2017 by Anthony Compton

How to fix broken page syncing on your Kindle

When I got my first Kindle I realized that I like to read.  I suppose I liked reading before but it was harder to do with paper books, ebooks let you cary your entire library with your so you can read what you want whenever you have time. That can make all the difference.  Another great feature is that you can pick up on the same page no matter what device you grab. Well, most of the time anyway.  

I have been reading “Mad City” along with several other books including tech manuals, “The Silmarillion”, and “Managing Your Woods”.  At some point the last page read stoped updating when I read “Mad City” on my iPad, reading other books or reading MC on my other devices would update the pages just fine.  Naturally, I started with rebooting all my devices and reinstalling the Kindle app (I’m an IT guy). No joy, so I deleted “Mad City” from my iPad and downloaded it again. I am now happily able to pickup where I left off on all devices.  


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