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Car Maintenance Review iOS and OS X


October 2, 2015 by Anthony Compton

Car Maintenance Review iOS and OS X 


Car Maintenance is one of only 3 apps that have both an iOS app and an OS X app. This is a must for me. Car Maintenance has the beginnings of a what I want but I may end up working up my own tracker in TapForms or FileMaker. 


The pros are: 


  1. 1.Support for both iOS and OS X
  2. 2.Syncs between devices
  3. 3.Supports multiple vehicles
  4. 4.Support tracking of maintenance and MPG 


Cons (aka my wish list): 


  1. 1.Sync is painfully slow. Syncing a fuel fill-up take about 60 seconds some times more. 
  2. 2.No support for partial fill-ups. 
  3. 3.Sync is proprietary.  I would really like my data on one of my existing cloud accounts. Or better yet on BitTorrent Sync. Did I mention syncing is really slow? 
  4. 4.You can add photos of your vehicles to the app. Unfortunately, on my iPhone 6 Plus I constantly get out of memory errors and then the app disables the pictures. Granted it’s only an annoyance but it’s clunky.  I am going to try reducing the size of the photo and see what happens. 
  5. 5.Speaking of photos, if you want your photo to look uniform you will need to crop them to the same aspect ratio before adding them.  Otherwise they don’t look right. Again, clunky but not a big deal. 


If this were a free app I would ignore all the above. Since it’s not I sincerely hope the dev will address these issues starting with sync time and partial fill-ups.


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