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Is Bigger Better?


August 12, 2015 by Anthony Compton

Over the last weekend I added 1000 feet of wire to my existing loop for a total length of about 1600 feet. I have spent several evenings getting antenna up to a reasonable hight. So far I would say over half is between 50 and 70 feet and the rest is between 30 and 45 feet. It’s hard to say how the performance will be, I am still working on learning use modeling software as I’d like some idea of what I should expect for performance. I can say that my reception of the of our local AM station has increased from +40 to +55 on my 450s S Meter.

After my first day of work I checked in to the local 160 Meter Net and my signal strength was reported as being about an S Unit below what my neighbor’s was. Since that first check-in I have erased the antennas average height about 20 feet maybe more. I am thinking that my receive strength bets the full wave loop but the jury is still out on transmit.

More updates as time and work goes by.


Well all that extra wire is proving to be more
maintenance over the winter. On the bright side now I don’t have to cut as many trees down this summer.


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