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Why I am switching Journal Apps


April 29, 2013 by Anthony Compton

I have been using DayOne as my journaling app for about a year. It’s a great app, the interface is well thought out and it is largely responsible for getting me in the habit of journaling. Now that i have been journaling for a while and am starting to post some items to my site I need software that all allow me to:

  1. Create post off line and then post them when I have time.
  2. Keep separate journals for work, home, and hobbies.

Now, DayOne does just about everything I need but it does not to handle the two items above. Enter MacJournal. The interface is not a nice as DayOne but it does meet the feature requirements I have nicely. DayOne says multiple journals are in the pipe. I don’t know about posting to popular blog sites. When/If those features are valuable I will take another look.

Once I have used MacJorunal a little longer I will post an update with a more detailed comparison.


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