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RV Current Measurments


May 12, 2013 by Anthony Compton

I wanted to get an idea how long the appliances in my 1978 Coachman Cadet will run on the 125 amp hour battery I installed. I thought I would post the readings. I would guess other RVs should draw similar readings.

Fridge LP/12v/120v
Current draw at 13 volts: 8.3 amps.

Lights Current draw at 13 volts.
FL over table: 1.8 amps
FL over counter: 1.1 amps
FL over couch: 1.4 amps
LED Bathroom 2 bulb: .4
LED Bathroom 1 bulb: .25
LED Entry: .1
LED over table: .25
LED Sink: .25
LED porch: .1
LED Front: .1
Entry lamps: .8

Stove Fan draws 2.7 amp at 13 volts
Stove lamp: 2.1 amps a 13 volts (I am ordering an LED replacement).

Fan: 2.2 amps at 13 volts

Water Pump
6 amps at 13 volts


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